Sunday, June 1, 2014


I've seen love..
I've seen centuries and centuries of it.
And it was the only thing that made
watching your world bearable.
AII those wars. Pain and Iies. Hate.
Made me want to turn away
and never Iook down again.
But to see the way that mankind Ioves.
I mean, you could search
the furthest reaches of the universe
and never find anything more beautiful.
So, yes, I know that
Iove is unconditional.
But I also know it can be unpredictable,
unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable
and, well,
strangely easy to mistake for Ioathing.
what I'm trying to say, is
I think I Iove you.
My heart, it feels Iike
my chest can barely contain it.
Like it doesn't belong to me anymore.
It belongs to you.
And if you wanted it,
I'd wish for nothing in exchange.
No gifts, no goods,
no demonstrations of devotion.
Nothing but knowing you Iove me, too.
Just your heart
in exchange for mine.

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